A lot of people think I dislike Apple products. I do not dislike Apple products; I prefer other products. I have no problem with the quality of Apple’s products. The customer service at Apple is excellent once you get customer service (read below). Here are the reasons why I avoid Apple products.

  1. Apple makes their products impossible to repair on purpose. In 1984 Apple made one of the most famous commercials ever about breaking free of IBM. The irony is that once you have an Apple product that needs to be serviced in any way it is very difficult to impossible to break free. Below are some examples of how Apple does this.
    • All Apple products today are sealed tight to make them look pretty. No visible screws on purpose. Some Apple products use a proprietary screw which only they have the screwdriver for. So you cannot replace the defective part without going through Apple.
    • Apple is a big believer in glue, lots of glue. That makes it much harder to fix or upgrade.
    • On Apple products if you do succeed in replacing or upgrading a part, if it is not a part approved of by Apple then the Mac OS will purposefully disable some hardware features. Why?
  2. Apple works hard to maintain the persona that they are perfect in every way. Their attitude is essentially “our way is best, your way is stupid”. Of course, they will have this attitude and then adopt a way they previously acted was stupid. (Microsoft is starting to act this way too and I don’t like it.) Their “we are perfect” thinking leads to Apple never ever admitting flaws, even blindingly obvious ones.
    • For example, on an older iPhone if you held your hand just right you would short the cell and GPS antenna causing your cell service to drop. Apple’s response? “Your holding it wrong”.
    • Although rare, malware does infect Apple computers. (Security through obscurity; fewer Macs means it is less lucrative to target them.) Apple’s response when people took their computers in to be cleaned? Their techs were instructed to tell the customers they did not have a virus.
  3. Apple’s customer service is excellent once you get it. The problem is it is not easy to get. Their so-called “Genius Bars” are only in bigger cities and you need to make an appointment or else risk waiting a while. Making an appointment requires a working web browser. Why?
  4. Apple locks their products down tight. The advantage of this is that is harder to get a virus; the disadvantage is that it takes away freedom. This is the biggest reason why I avoid Apple products. Anything which threatens Apple profits is also locked out, even legitimate products. On your i-whatever device, you are stuck using the really really bad Safari browser, like it or not. The other browsers are just Safari with a coat of paint. UPDATE: 11/20/2015. Another example of locking their products down tight, Apple’s Watch (smartwatches are just stupid in my opinion) uses a modified version of the QI wireless charging standard. What this means is that you cannot buy a generic wireless charger, you must buy the overpriced Apple wireless charger. It also means other devices that support the QI charging standard won’t work with Apple devices. But the Macolytes (see below) don’t care. The only reason to do this is to make more money, period.
  5. Do you know what a Macolyte is? These are people who believe everything with an Apple logo on it is the best thing ever. They are the people who say to Apple “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!” If Apple sold a robot that punched you in the face every day, the Macolytes would buy it and swear it was awesome. They are not rational. They will go to the streets and protest the evils of big business while using their iPhones —  which is made by one of the biggest businesses in the world and has one of the largest markups of any product on the market — and not see the disconnect. I say that businesses don’t deserve your loyalty, make them earn your business. You should apply that rule to me too, make me earn your business. Not every person who uses Apple products is a Macolyte, in fact the majority are not.

There you go. These are the reasons I prefer Windows and Android over anything Apple makes. However, I am quickly losing favor with Windows because of its disrespect for my privacy.