This is a small tutorial on how I installed Cyanogenmod on my Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 version. Many of the tutorials are confusing and don’t explain important details. First, a warning. Samsung devices are designed so that if you dare to break free from their Android system, your warranty is void. This will void your warranty. (Personal opinion: it should be illegal to void a warranty if you do not make a device defective.)

Read through all the steps below before attempting to install Cyanogenmod. Here is the basic steps; the links provided download links and more detailed steps for that task:

  • Install an 8GB or larger microSD card.  (Side note: this one of the many reasons why a SD card slot should not be optional on a phone or tablet.)
  • Root your tablet using ODIN. You will need to power off the phone and then press volume down+home+power to enter a setting that will let you root the device. The volume down button is next to the power button on the volume switch.
  • Install TWRP recovery through the Google Play app store. This is where I was confused. The recovery is a special setting on the phone that lets you install a custom Android. You need to replace the stock recovery software with a third party one. For the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 version, currently only TWRP has a compatible version. Do not run TWRP just yet. (I thought the recovery was a way to undo anything you have done. That is why I was confused.)
  • Install and run Nandroid through the Google Play app store so that you can back up your the stock Android.
  • You most likely will need to move the Nandroid backup files to the microSD card.
  • Copy the unofficial Cyanogenmod and Gapps zip files to the microSD card. Gapps will restore all Google default applications to the tablet, such as the Play store.
  • Open the TWRP app and install the recovery software. You will need to download the file for “Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014) Exynos Wi-Fi (lt03wifiue)“. I had to install TWRP 2.7.11.
  • Power off the tablet and enter the recovery mode by pressing the volume up+home+power buttons. The TWRP app also allows you to reboot to recovery mode.
  • Wipe the existing data on the tablet using the TWRP recovery software.  This will do a factory reset on your tablet and clear all memory on the tablet. This is why all backups and install files need to be on the microSD card. The reason you wipe the memory is to minimize any chance of failure.
  • Install Cyanogenmod using the zip file on the microSD card.
  • Install Gapps using the zip file on the microSD card.
  • Reboot and enjoy.

You should also read through the installing Cyanogenmod tutorial. This will help you understand what to do as well.