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This is a short blog post about which smartphone type do you get. First, a small disclaimer. I have never used a Windows Phone and so I have no opinion about it and most of my list of pros and cons is based only on people who have used it. I have used Windows 8, which is the basis for Windows Phone and Windows tablets. I will do this alphabetically. Continue reading


Just recently I had a laptop whose hard drive was dying. It had bad sectors on it. At first I was not sure the hard drive was bad and I was just thinking the computer needed a tune-up and needed to remove McAfee. But when Windows 7 was still slow after all that, then I figured out it was a bad hard drive. The computer still booted, and so I thought I could clone the hard drive and everything will be okay. Must of my programs for cloning/imaging drives don’t play well with bad sectors and the one I had that did work around that was painfully slow. So what to do.

Without boring you with all the time I invested, here is how I eventually copied the hard drive.

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