For a long time we were told that Windows 10 would the last Windows version ever. That turned out to be a lie. In late June, Microsoft announced there would be a Windows 11.

This post will be updated periodically until Windows 11 becomes mainstream. Eventually, it will be deleted and replaced with a page about Windows 11.

As anybody who has met me knows, I think Windows 10 is, by far, the worst version of Windows ever made. Even worse than Windows 8, even worse than Windows Vista, even worse than Windows ME. Well, from reading some things, it looks Windows 11 is going to be even worse than Windows 10.

First, it looks like Windows 11 Home will require a Microsoft account. BAD BAD BAD BAD and BAD. In fact, it is pure evil. If you are using Windows 10, you need to, without exception, never use a Microsoft account to sign in. A very important reason for this it makes password recovery easier. But another reason is privacy. Microsoft wants your email because they want to track you and sell your personal information. This is the only reason Microsoft wants you to have an account to log in your computer. I suggest you call, complain, caterwaul, moan, … do whatever it takes to stop this. On Windows 10, submit feedback about how evil require a Microsoft account really is. Be polite so that your feedback is not quickly deleted. If Microsoft does not back down, which is likely, always always always pay for Windows 11 Pro and always always always never connect your internet before you sign in. This is more important than you realize.

Again, I will stress how evil it is for Microsoft to require an account with them to use your computer.

It looks like Windows 11 will discontinue some legacy support. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. It is only bad for those who need older legacy programs. For the majority, it will be a good thing.

Windows 11 will require something called TPM. Some computers sold brand new a few years ago do not support TPM. Which means this still good and adequate computers are incompatible with Windows 11. We will have to see more about which machines are compatible. For some computers, you will have to enable an option in the BIOS that is disabled by default. On AMD computers, the BIOS setting is fTPM. On Intel computers, the setting is IPT or PPT.

I already know that no matter how many people complain, Microsoft won’t budge 1/10000000th of an inch on this evil and wrong ideas for Windows 11. Already they have begun to dig their heels in on some issues. Complain anyway. Complain more than once. Just remember that the new programmers and management at Microsoft are young people, as such they automatically tune out criticism and only focus on the people who tell them they are doing a good job. The worse part is Microsoft knows your choices are limited, so they know you won’t switch to something else.

One of the dumbest things Microsoft ever did, and this is saying a lot, is to disable a pre-boot repair option just to save 1 second off the boot time. This stupid decision was made for Windows 8, and it will continue with Windows 11. Not even Apple was that dumb.

This post will be modified and updated over time. The content may change as I find out more information.