Here are the symptoms: You clone a hard drive in any number of ways, but the cloned drive will not boot. This problem may manifest itself if you are cloning a larger drive to a smaller one. This, of course, requires you to shrink the partition with your files from the original boot drive. If the original boot drive is connected to the computer with a USB adapter, it will boot just fine. Otherwise you will get a blue screen with the stop error code 0xc0000225. If this is Windows 10, you will get the message “Your PC/Device needs to be repaired”.

What is happening is your default BCD boot entry is specific to the hardware of the old hard drive, and are not entries that apply to any drive. Thus, when booting, the BCD entries are looking for the boot files on the old hard drive.

First, make sure the partitions are numbered correctly. When partitions are added to a drive, it is not defined by which order they are in on the drive. Rather, it is defined by the order in which they are created. Thus, your partition with Windows on it could be partition 5 on the new drive but partition 3 on the old. The best tool to fix this problem is GParted. On the new drive, delete higher numbered partitions, and then copy the deleted ones back. You want to make sure partition 1 of the old drive corresponds to partition 1 of the new drive, and so on with the rest.

Once that is done, use a Windows install disc or USB drive and boot to a recovery console command prompt. Find the drive letter associated with your new Windows drive. It may not be the c drive! With the old drive disconnected, type “bcdedit“. You should see in the Windows Boot Loader area these entries (among many others):

identifier {default}
device unknown
osdevice unknown

Type these two commands (assuming that the c drive has the Windows files):

bcdedit /set {default} device “partition=c:”
bcdedit /set {default} osdevice “partition=c:”


If, however, you get an error with the bcdedit command, you probably need to try the bcdboot command first. But that is for another day.