I installed a D-Link DWA-162 Wi-Fi adapter and it keep dropping the connection. Now it was not losing the signal, but communication between it and the router would stop after about 10 seconds. Very frustrating. Especially since the router was 20 feet away. What was happening was there was interference in the room causing the problem. I had to change a driver setting to fix that problem. But here is a checklist to fix possible Wi-Fi problems.

  • In the Device Manager, check the driver settings to see if there is something related to interference. This should be your first step if no other wireless devices are having trouble. In the example of the D-Link device, there was a setting that fixed the problem. I cannot remember the name of the setting (I think it was roaming interference), but it had 6 levels: highest, high, medium, low, lowest, and none. I first set the level to highest and had no problems, but quickly noticed the internet speed would speed up and slow down. So I set the level to medium and the internet worked fine for 30 minutes with no slow downs.
  • Also in the Device Manager, check to make sure the power settings for the driver is properly set. Do not let Windows power down the hardware.
  • Update your driver and device firmware.
  • Rename the SSID (broadcast) name.
  • Change the frequency channel used. Try several different channels.
  • Increase the channel bandwidth. If that doesn’t work, lower the channel bandwidth.
  • Switch to WPA encryption. And if that doesn’t work, switch the WEP. And if that still doesn’t work, switch to no encryption.
  • If the problem still persists, then you might have to start tinkering with the router settings. At this point, if the equipment is old, it is probably better to replace.