I recently purchased a CD that let me download the CD is the lossless audio format FLAC. You always want the lossless audio when downloading an audio CD because the audio quality is the exact same as the CD. MP3’s and other lossy audio files are not, but may or may not be indistinguishable to the ear. FLAC is a great option, but because it is free, has no DRM, and nobody can make money on it, FLAC has little support. And that means iTunes and Windows Media Player won’t play it. So you might want to convert FLAC to something else. I converted mine to Apple Lossless since it is supported by many different players. So how do you convert to another format? It is surprisingly easy.

  • Download eac3to. Be sure to the guide on how to install and use it. I also add the folder eac3to will be installed in to my DOS path. Control Panel -> System -> Advanced tab -> Environment Variables -> then modify the Path under the System variables section at the bottom.
  • Open a command prompt. Go to the folder with the FLAC files in it.
  • Type eac3to <file>.flac <file>.wav where <file> is the name of the file. This converts the FLAC file to a WAV file. FLAC is a compressed lossless audio file; WAV is an uncompressed lossless file. CD’s use the WAV format.
  • Add the WAV files to your media player, i.e. iTunes, and then use that program to convert to another format.
  • Then edit the music tag information, being careful that you are correct because the files may not be in the proper order.