For Office 2003, 2007, and 2010 Microsoft made an edition that could be used on 3 computers. The costs was between $130 and $150, maybe $100 on sale and usually for around $140. That was a good deal and it included the two essential programs: Word and Excel.

For Office 2013, there is no edition you can use on 3 computers. If you only have one computer and will only have one computer, that is not a big deal. Despite being a huge eyesore just like Windows 8, Office 2013 does include some nice new features. But none of those features are worth upgrading too.

Why the price increase? Because Microsoft has lost touch with what made them successful. Microsoft is trying desperately to force you to give them money each year.

And that brings me to Office 365. This is the Office program by subscription. For a $99 yearly fee, you get to use Office on 5 computers and it includes 20 GB of online storage and 60 minutes of Skype international calling. In Office 365 your documents are saved by default to Microsoft’s online storage which allows you to access them anywhere. That is a nice feature (the Skype minutes are clearly something thrown in to make it seem like you are getting a better value than you are). However, in no way is that worth spending $99 a year. How many people have 5 computers?

The pricing on Office 2013 and Office 365 is bad all around. Between this decision and Windows 8, it is clear Microsoft has lost its way and needs new leadership, leadership that listens to customers instead of telling customers what they want.